Let me answer some of the most frequently asked questions.
Q: Is the the aircraft I'm calling on still for sale?
A: We remove the aircraft from the site as soon as they sell and make an update entry in News.
    If a customer is in the process of buying the aircraft we will call you back if it doesn't sell.
Q: Will you hold the aircraft if I send you a deposit?
A: We do not require a deposit to hold an aircraft. Here's how it works. First money buys the
    aircraft. If you have a prebuy being done or are coming in to see the aircraft by prior 
    arrangement we will hold it for you. We will not sell the aircraft to another party if you
    are in the middle of your prebuy or visit with us. Please don't schedule a prebuy or visit 
    many days in advance and ask us to hold the aircraft for those days. Also, after you complete
    a prebuy or visit you will need to close the sale immediately or the aircraft will go back on 
    the market. In other words, We will extend the courtesy of holding the aircraft without you 
    having to put up a deposit and sign a contract so please extend us the courtesy of ether 
    quickly closing the sale or passing on the aircraft so we can get it back on the market.
    All we are trying to do is be fair to those that have their finances in order and are ready 
    to buy as opposed to someone that has not done so and can't move as fast. If you've done 
    your prep work you should not have to wait behind someone who has not!
Q: What is the price?
A: The price is in the ad as well as at the bottom of the spec sheet.
Q: Is the price negotiable? 
A: All prices are set by OAI after a BlueBook appraisal and market analysis and are firm 
    unless noted as "Make Offer". If you want to make an offer we will be happy to pass it 
    on to the aircraft owner but the vast majority of our sales are at the listed price. We 
    don't like to play the "ask more that you really want and come down" game. We are
    not going to waste our time with an aircraft that's priced to high and see no reason to
    unnecessarily price an aircraft higher than we know we can sell it for. All that does is
    slow down the process of moving the aircraft. We try very hard to accurately price 
    the aircraft from the start and will not take a listing if we can't offer the aircraft at the 
    correct price. We will not buy an aircraft for resale if we cannot offer it at the correct price.
Q: What happens after the prebuy. Do you fix all the deficient items or reduce the price?
A: The prebuy is your chance to determine the condition of the aircraft. Although we don't
    require you to do one, we highly recommend that you do. After the prebuy you need to 
    have your mechanic give you an ACCURATE estimate to repair all the items you are 
    concerned with. Usually not all items on a prebuy are going to need repair. Some fall 
    under the classification of "Its a used aircraft" and will just signify normal wear for its
    age and hours. Your final offer would be based on the results of your prebuy and demo
    flight. If the offer is accepted the aircraft would be sold "As is". It would then be up to you 
    to decide what items you would like repaired, by whom and at your expense. The price 
    you pay is for the aircraft with no guarantee from the seller as to the final cost of your
    squawks. This is why we advise you to get an accurate estimate from your mechanic. 
    Occasionally the seller will do the repairs prior to closing. In that case the price would 
    not be reduced.

Q: Is the aircraft owned by OAI or brokered?
A: All aircraft are exclusively brokered or owned by OAI.

Q: Is it OK if I call the owner to talk about the aircraft if its brokered and not owned by OAI?
A: Our clients have contracted with us to handle the sale of their aircraft and any calls received 
    by our clients will be refused. We can have them call you if for some reason we can't answer 
    your question.
Q: Have you seen the aircraft and have you flown it?
A: We have flown, gone through the logs, photographed and completed a hands on look at 
    every aircraft we offer. We also have physical possession of all of our inventory. Many brokers
    list aircraft located all over the county without ether seeing the aircraft or having physical 
    possession. We feel this can lead to misrepresentation of the aircraft to the buyer because of an 
    overly optimistic owners description to the broker. The old "Rose colored glasses" situation.
    Sometimes the seller is required to show the aircraft every time the broker sends a new prospect
    as well as do the demo flight, monitor the prebuy, negotiate the price and close the sale! 
    WHY use a broker if you have to do all the work yourself? Although this approach may work 
    well for the broker we feel it's a disservice to both the buyer and seller and can create many
    problems for all. This can also explain why some brokers first have the aircraft then call you 
    back only minutes later to tell you it's in fact been sold. This is because they don't really have any 
    idea what's going on with the aircraft and when they call the owner they find out its been sold.
    We prefer to have less REAL inventory than numerous phantom listings!
Q: Is there any warranty on the aircraft and will you fly it to me for inspection?
A: All sales are "as is where is" and we recommend a prebuy inspection by any shop in our 
    area or you may bring your own mechanic. The aircraft must be paid for before it leaves.
    We can make arrangements for a pilot to deliver the aircraft to you for expenses after we close.
Q: Can we go fly the aircraft?
A: We give demo rides to qualified clients if a prebuy has been arranged to start after a successful 
    demo flight. In other words if you're ready to buy it we'll go fly it!
Q: I don't have any experience in the aircraft we are going to demo. How do you conduct the flight?
A: We will fly the aircraft "day VFR" as PIC and demonstrate the function of all systems. 
    This is in essence part of the prebuy to verify the aircraft's condition. 
Q: What does it take to get qualified for financing?
A: The financing requires you to have good credit, at least two years of job history and
    about a 40% debt to income ratio.
Q: Do you offer aircraft insurance?
A: We work with a very good aircraft insurance agency and can put you in contact with them. Go to 
    the insurance link above.

Q: Do you offer aircraft warranties?
A: We did have a good warranty program but the company went out of business.

Q: I want to redo the paint , interior, engine or radios on the aircraft after the sale. 
    Can you help me with this?
A: We have many very good shops we work with and will also add the upgrade cost to the price and 
    finance the completed aircraft. We have many examples of completed aircraft we have done right
    on our airport for you to see. Our favorite radio shop is Flite Electronics . Our favorite interior shop
    is JBS Aircraft Interiors on Addison Airport. You will find no better shops than these!

Q: Do you take trades?
A: Although we can handle your aircraft as a trade-in it would be at a wholesale price and
    therefore we don't recommend it. We would rather offer to broker your aircraft ether 
    before or after your next purchase thereby saving you a substantial sum of money. 
    If you still would prefer to trade send us the details of your aircraft and we will work up
    a difference figure.
Q: Have you done a title search on the aircraft?
A: We do not do title searches on the brokered aircraft. We do title searches on the aircraft that we buy.
    All lenders will do a title search and charge you for it in the loan fee. You need to do a title search
    if you are not financing. It costs about $40.00. We will solve any title problems that show up on the 
    search before closing.

Q: Who does your web site and photos?
A: We run our own web site and do all of the photos and logs in house. We have had many
    compliments on the web site from some very nice people and we thank you for those comments!
    We are trying to add more content like the logs online as well as other improvements soon!
Q: How long have you been in business?
A: OAI was established in 1984 on Addison Airport by Scott Owens. In 1976 at the age of 16
    Scott started work in the aircraft sales business with Carl Johnson in Rockwall Texas. Then in 1980
    he worked as a salesman for Ted Sherman on Addison Airport till starting OAI in 1984. We moved
    to the Denton Airport in 2007 and back home to Addison Airport in 2013.

Q: Can you supply me with any referrals?
A: We have a very strong repeat clientele that would be more than happy to talk to you.
    We have sold one aircraft seven times and have handled twelve sales for one client.
    We are very well known by most of the maintenance shops, flight schools, insurance agencies
    FBOs, radio shops, aviation lenders, aircraft title companies, pilots, aircraft owners in North Texas.
    We have clients from all over the country. From first time buyers to experienced owners. 
    We have sold aircraft for companies like Rockwell International, Collins Radio, Benchmark Bank,
    Gateway National Bank and GreenTree Financial. We have sold aircraft to companies like 
    Meggitt Avionics/S-TEC and top executives of companies like Bank of America and Internet
    America. One of our favorite clients can be heard all over the country in radio and TV ads for
    companies like Ford Motor Company!

Q: Where is Addison Texas?
A: We are in the Dallas/Forth Worth Metroplex. The airport identifier is KADS. Airline service is to
    DFW and Love Field. We are about 30 minutes by cab from DFW.

After looking over all the aircraft info feel free to give us a call if you still have questions.